A Pensive December

I went through a period at the end of 2008 where I was writing quite a few pensive pieces on piano after going through a rough ending to a relationship. The piano has an amazing way of allowing you to express emotion in verbal silence. As sad as some of my pieces may sound, I more often felt comforted by what I was writing than sad. Maybe because it was a way to get things out and onto something permanent instead of infinitely spinning in my head and heart. There’s also something about being able to play back what you’re feeling. It’s like this feeling of: Yeah, yeah, that’s it; A way to reflect and understand what you’re going through.

It’s also amazing how inspiring drama in our lives can be. When I was younger I used to wish my life had more drama, so I would have more complex emotions to draw from and stories to tell in my songwriting. May I take that back now? Haha..


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